General Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (“GTCs”) apply to the business relationship between the Politecnico di Milano (hereinafter “the Organizer”) and the conference attendee (hereinafter “the Participant”) in relation to the participation in the conference IWSCFF 2022. Any general terms and conditions of participation differing from these GTCs will not be applicable.

1.2 The Organizer reserves the right to amend and supplement the GTCs. Amendments and additions shall be rendered valid by being published on the event website The GTCs governing the relationship with each Participant are the ones in force at the time of conclusion of the contract.

2. Registration and contract conclusion

2.1 Registration for participation in the event is only possible via the event website or by appearing in person at the event venue.

2.2 The Organizer submits a non-binding offer for the conclusion of a sales agreement based on the details published on the website. By completing the order process, the Participant places a binding order. Said order by the Participant shall be subject to the Participant having completed all of the required fields on the order form and having accepted these GTCs.

2.3 The contract concerning participation in the event will become effective when the Organizer confirms the Participant’s registration in writing via e-mail. Any amendments and/or supplements to this contract must be in writing. This requirement may be waived only in writing.

3. Prices

3.1 All prices are final and binding.

3.2 All prices include the required sales tax, where necessary.

3.3 Students are offered a discounted registration fee. Such discounted fee shall be granted subject to appropriate proof (student ID card, confirmation from university), to be given prior to the beginning of the event. Failure to provide any evidence of student status will result in the Participant having to pay the difference between the full price and the discounted price, in order to be admitted to the event.

4. Payment

4.1 Payment shall be made either by credit card or by wire transfer, as specified on the website. Specific instructions on how to pay using both methods are given on the website during registration. All prices shall be paid promptly upon contract conclusion. For onsite registration at the venue, credit card payment will be the only option available, and cash, checks or other forms of payment will not be accepted.

4.2 Invoice
The participant will receive an electronic receipted invoice within 1 month from the end of the congress. If necessary, the participant may request a pro forma (non-fiscal document) before the payment of the fee.

4.3 Payment by credit card
In case of credit card payment (only MasterCard or Visa), the Participant will be asked to enter the credit card details during the payment process. Said information will not be stored on the database and computers of the Organizer. The relevant credit card account will then be debited with the ticket amount.

4.4 If a payment is returned (for instance, if the account specified in the order does not have sufficient funds), the Participant shall compensate any damage or outlay arising from such returned payment. A processing fee of 50 EUR per returned payment will be charged.

4.5 Any returned payment will entitle the Organizer to promptly rescind the contract. As a result, the Participant will lose his/her right to attend the event. This shall not affect any possible further claims by the Organizer towards the Participant.

5. Rescission/cancelation

5.1 If a Participant decides not to attend the event, he/she shall declare his/her rescission of the contract in writing or via e-mail vis-à-vis the Organizer.

  1. a) If the contract is rescinded/cancelled prior to 1st of March 2022, the attendance fee shall be reimbursed, minus a processing fee of 100 EUR.
  2. b) No refund shall be made if the contract is rescinded/cancelled after 2nd of March 2022.

5.2 If the registered Participant cannot attend the event, he/she may nominate a substitute for participation by 2nd of March 2022, via e-mail.”

6. Cancellation of the event

6.1 For urgent issues, the Organizer may cancel the event with a reasonable period of notice. This shall also apply to any fringe and evening events.

6.2 In case of cancellation because of force majeure (war, terrorist attacks, etc.), no reimbursement will be due.

7. Copyright and other rights

7.1 The presentations and event documents distributed are protected under copyright and are for personal use only. Usage rights may only be transferred expressly in writing. Reproduction, distribution, processing or public communication of any type is generally not allowed and requires the Organizer’s written consent.

7.2 Participants are allowed to make audio and video recordings for personal use only.

8. Footage/photographs

8.1 Participants to the event shall give their consent free of charge to the Organizer for creating, reproducing, broadcasting or arranging to be broadcast as well as using in audiovisual media, photographs of their person taken during the event. The usage rights of those photographs shall be granted also after the conclusion of the event.